Audio Fragments: 

Listen with headphones, quite loudly. 



FardanceCLOSE for piano solo played by Emil Holmstroem :  


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Ayer:Towed through plumes, thicket, asphalt, sawdust... 2015 (with score on score follower)


Maim, second movement, the memory of water. 

Maim, recording II musicacontemporanea 

(please note: the piece starts after a long introduction) 


String quartet


Duo leat

Six miniatures and a simultaneous song for a quartet and a trio (voice guitar and viola)




For an in depth listening please go also to the discography section where links to all  the recordings are posted.


Zaïde / Adama Mozart/Czernowin, 2017 new version with choir. Written with director Ludger Engels. A commission of Stadttheater Freiburg. 2.5 hours

On the face of the deep 2017 for large ensemble. A commission of Ensemble Intercontemporain, 10'

Infinite now 2016 an opera for 6 singers, 6 actors, large orchestra,  4 instrumental soloists and electronics. (Collaborator on the electronics: Carlo Laurenzi) A commission of Vlaanderen opera Gent and Antwerp, Mannheim Stat theater and IRCAM, Paris.  2.5 hrs.  

Adiantum Capillus-Veneris III Etudes in fragility for voice and  breath 2016  for all voices (with a light electronics set up). A commission of  Deutschland Radio for the Festival Forum Neuer Musik.

Ayre: Towed through plumes, thicket, asphalt, sawdust and hazardous air I shall not forget the sound of 2015 for Flt (b. flt), Cl (  Perc. Pno Vln Vla Vcl.  a commission of  Ensemble Norrbotten NEO Sweden. 10"

Knights of the strange (tutti) 2015 for a large ensemble with e. guitar and accordion as soloists. A commission of Phace Ensemble Vienna,  Siemens Foundation and L.A Philharmonic USA /Germany/ Austria. 17'30"

Once I blinked nothing was the same a large scale miniature. 2015 for orchestra. A commission of Bamberg Symphony Orchestra Germany . 3' 30"

Knights of the strange (solo) 2015 for E guitar and accordion. A Commission of Gare Du Nord and Ensemble Nikel Switzerland. 11’30”

Adiantum Capillus-Veneris, II   Etudes in fragility for voice and   breath. 2015  for all voices, amplified . Written for Amnon Wolman's 60th Birthday. 8'30"

Adiantum Capillus-Veneris I  Etudes in fragility for voice and   breath 2015  for all voices (amplified). A commission of ARD Vocal competition Munich, Germany . 10'

Wintersong V: Forgotten Light 2014  for 2 septets and an octet of mixed instruments and counter alt and countertenor.  Written on a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship  USA 27'

Five Action Sketches 2014 for counter alt, counter tenor, bass flute, bass clarinet, Tenor saxophone, tuba, and cello.  Commissioned by Miller Theater USA 13'

Wintersong IV: Wounds / Mistletoe 2014 for 2 mixed septets and three percussionists. A Calithumpian consort and Siemens Foundation commission, USA.  F11'

HIDDEN  2014 quartet and electronics. Electronics done at IRCAM with RIM Carlo Laurenzi. An IRCAM commission  France 45'

White Wind Waiting 2013 amplified acoustic Guitar and Orchestra  Orchestra classic guitar and steel string guitar re-stringed with all low E strings slightly detuned.  Lucerne Festival Commission Switzerland 21'

At the fringe of our gaze  2013    Orchestra plus a chamber group of 5 players.  Lucerne Festival and Divan Orchestra commission Switzerland  21'

 Slow Summer Stay III : Upstream  2012  two octets, Siemens Foundation commission for  Calithumpian Consort, USA 15'

Slow Summer Stay IILakes  2012  mixed octet,  USA Library of congress commission 12'

Slow Summer Stay I:  Streams  2012   mixed octet.  Fromm foundation commission USA . 10'

The crescendo Trilogy: Esh 2012 Countertenor and Orchestra. Commissioned by Cottbus Symphony Orchestra  9'

Rega echad, sheket bevakasha (Just a moment, silence please)  2012  Text by Natan Zach  Orchestra, choir  Commissioned by Bach Archive for Bachfest, Leipzig 17'

FardanceCLOSE 2012  Piano, written for the birthday of Schott's Hanser- Strecker. 6'

The last leaf 2011sopranino sax version, 2012 12'

And you will love me back   2011  Chamber Opera for  three actors one singer 6 musicians.  A commission of  Two -Headed Calf Theater USA 25'

The Crescendo TrilogyZohar Iver (blind radiance)   2011   Ensemble, Orchestra. A commission of  Soundscapes Festival, Switzerland.  

Gradual edge   2011  cello and organ.  A commission of  the Danish Queen 13'

The last leaf  2011 oboe  Written to Peter Veale's request. 12'

The Crescendo TrilogyThe Quiet  2010    for large orchestra divided into three groups A commission of Bayerischer Rundfunk Orchestra (BR)  10'

Lovesong   2010  for mixed ensemble  Ensemble. Written for Ensemble Recherche 25 years anniversary 12'

Duo Leat  (Duo Slow) 2009-10  2 bass clarinets in Bb, A commission of Petra Stump and Heinz-Peter Linshalm, Austria  4'

Algae  2009  A Monodrama for Bass and Piano Text and collaboration with Wieland Hoban German - English/  Bass voice,  Piano. A commission of Transit festival, Belgium. 25'

Sahaf (Drift)    2008  Sax, E guitar, Piano percussion. Written to Ensemble Nikel's Request. 7'

Anea Crystal  Cycle:  Anea  2008  String octet . A Klangspuren Festival commission, Austria 12

Anea Crystal   Cycle: Seed II 2008  String quartet. A Klangspuren Festival commission, Austria 9

Anea Crystal  Cycle: Seed I 2008   String quartet. A Klangspuren Festival commission, Austria 7'

Sheva  2007   mixed septet. Donaueschingen Festival Commission, Germany. 7'

Pilgerfahrten  2005 -2006, rev. 2007  Text : Tove Jansson and Stefan Anton George   German  Schott Music  speaker, children choir and ensemble. Commissioned by the European Center for the Arts, Hellerau. 50'

Zaïde / Adama  2004-2005    German - Arabic - Hebrew  Schott Music chamber opera (amplified) combined with Mozart's Zaide. Commissioned by Salzburg Festival. 2.15'

Winter Songs III: Roots  2003 for seven instrumentalists, sampler player, three amplified percussionists and IRCAM electronics Mixed Ensemble.  Commissioned by Ensemble Modern 18'

Winter Songs II: Stones  2003    for seven instrumentalists and three percussionists  Mixed Ensemble. Commissioned by  Ensemble Modern 14'

Excavated Dialogues  2003, rev. 2005    Fragments - Second version for a mixed ensemble of modern and Renaissance/Baroque instruments  Mixed Ensemble  9'

Excavated Dialogues  2003  Fragments for a mixed ensemble of Eastern and Western instruments  Commissioned by Maerzmusik 9'

Winter Songs I: Pending light  2002-2003 Mixed Ensemble and IRCAM electronics. Commissioned by IRCAM   12'

Maim  2001-2007  Triptych for large orchestra, a quintet of soloists (with tubax as pre-recorded main soloist) and electronics Orchestra with 5 soloists and live electronics (Experimental Studio) around 50' Commissioned by Donaueschingen Festival, Maerzmusik, berlin Konzerthaus orchestra and Salzburg Festival . 

Maim III: water of dissent  2004/ 2006. Commissioned by Maerzmusik and Konzerthausorchester Berlin 19'

Maim II: the memory of water 2004 Commissioned by Salzburg Festival 12'

Maim I:  Maim Zarim Maim Gnuvim (strange water stolen water) Commissioned by Donaueschingen Festival   2001 18'

Liquid Amber  2000   for three piccolos solo and large orchestra Commissioned by the Munich Biennale 14'

While Liquid Amber  2000 3 piccolos Commissioned by John Fonville  5'

Shu Hai   in an orchestral setting 2000-2001 for female singer, large orchestra and electronics.Commissioned by the Bern Triennial, Switzerland , and the experimental Studio, SWR germany. 35'

Miniatures:   Six miniatures and a simultaneous song 1998  voice mixed quartet and mixed trio.Commissioned by Elision Ensemble. 12'

Pnima… Inwards  1998-1999 Chamber Opera. Commissioned by the Munich Biennale. 75'

Shu Hai practices javelin  1996-97 Text Zohar Eitan for voice and electronics. Eclat and Experimental Studio Commission . 25'

Afatsim  1996    for mixed ensemble   Mixed Ensemble. A commission of Musikprotokoll for Ensemble Recherche, Austria. 10'

String Quartet  1995   12'

Die Kreuzung  1995    U (Alto-Shô or Accordion), Alto-Saxophone, Double-bass  12'

Amber  1993   for large orchestra  Orchestra  A commission of La Jolla Symphony Orchestra 14'

The hour glass bleeds still  1992, rev. 2002  String Orchestra  Strings 17'

The hour glass bleeds still  1992, String Sextet - 2 violins, 2 violas, cello, double bass  Strings 17'

Ina  1988  bass flute, six recorded flutes (tape) score and parts  Chamber 12'

Manoalchadia  1987 2 female voices and bass flute  text: Enadad Eldan   12'