On Sahaf

"WTF ? This was not created for the human brain." 

On Guardian 

"The cello to the orchestra reminded me of: 'The flesh is the surface of the unknown' (Victor Hugo)"


Lady pianist: "What'd you think of the Czernowin?"

Singer: "I liked it, I think. Honest to god, I can't grasp her music on the first hearing....but that was in fact the lowest sound my ears have ever felt (and I both never wanted it to stop and felt a flight response like I was being swallowed by a whale)."

On Dam Sheon Hachol

"The whole thing sounds like an elbow slowly coming out of a swamp. You could'nt even clearly see its an elbow."  

On Infinite now

"I love contemporary music and so i go to many concerts. Unfortunately many times the music sounds like lemonade. do you know what i mean? well. This. Is. No. Lemonade."

On Infinite Now

"It was like being inside the stomach of a huge fish at the time of a storm slowly gliding and feeling safe and protected. "

On Czernowin's work

"....as it moves further and further away from 'music', the more outlandish it becomes, the more familiar it feels, sometimes even as if I'd be entering my own home, which I don't exactly know what it is." 

On Czernowin's orchestral music

"I don't have to watch any of those stunning nature documentaries like Planet Earth anymore. I can just turn on your orchestral music instead! Listening to it is like finding something really magic and unexpected in nature - what you wait to discover in those TV shows." 

On Wintersong II

(from an aggressive listener ) "I know music so much more then you!" 

On The Quiet

"I suddenly started finding something really funny in the little squeaky noises at the beginning. I love that it alternates between the cosmic and the intimate." 

On Zaide Adama Fragments