Lucern Festival Artist-in-residence. A wide retrospective of the composer’s work, including the premier of two orchestral pieces: At the fringe of our gaze (21') for WEDO and Daniel Barneboim; White Wind Waiting (19') for Stephan Schmidt (guitar) and SWR Baden-Baden with François-Xavier Roth conducting.


Miller Theater portrait concert with Either Or, conducted by Rick Carrick and David Shively.


2010 The Quiet, commissioned by Bayerischer Rundfunk orchetsra with Brad Lubman conducting, (Germany); 2011 Zohar Iver, commissioned by Culturespace for Bern Philharmonic Orchestra and Ensemble Nikel (Switzerland); and 2012 Esh, commissioned by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Cottbus (Germany): three orchestral pieces marking a new direction in Czernowin’s output.


The participants of Darmstadt Ferienkurse (around 250 composers and musicians) travel to Stuttgart to see he opera Pnima... ins Innere performed at the Stuttgart Stadttheater.  


Moved back to the USA to undertake a professorship at Harvard University.


The Dialogue experiment, a collaborative piece written for Donaueschingen Festival by Czernowin and six of her former studnets: Rick Burkhardt, Peter Edwards, Michelle Lou, Chris Mercer, Ming Tsao and Rob Wannamaker. The piece was performed by Ascolta and conducted by Jonathan Stockhammer.


Invited by Yaron Deutsch, the director of Nikel Ensemble, to be the featured composer at the Israeli festival Marathon Hateiva, with a portrait concert and a premier of Sahaf, among other activities. This was the first  Israeli invitation since 1991.  It was also the opening act to Czernowin's long term collaboration with Ensemble Nikel. 


The Triptych Maim (2002-2007) for orchestra, electronic, and soloists (long term collaborators Rico Gubler, Peter Veale, Seth Josel, Mary Oliver and John Mark Harris), 50', performed in its entirety in Maemusik 2007 in a concert celebrating the 50th birthday of the composer, with the soloists, Konzerthause orchestra, and the Experimental Studio, conducted by Johannes Kalitzke.


Pnima...ins Innere is performed again first time after 2000, at Deutsches  Nationaltheater Weimar, Karsten Wiegand is the director and Johannes Harneit the conductor. This performance brings Pnima back to the stage. New productions in Stuttgart and Lucern follow.   


Moved with her family to Vienna to take a position as a composition professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna.


Zaide/Adama, fragments. Adama is a counterpoint piece to Zaide, by Mozart which is written to be performed between and, at times, simultaneously with Zaide. Commissioned by Salzburg Festival. This was the second collaboration with Claus Guth and Christian Schmidt.


Wintersongs series, commissioned by IRCAM and Intercontemporain; Ensemble Modern; and Rockefeller foundation for Sospeso. This marks the first time Czernowin employed the idea of a series as a compositional principle, an engagement which has since continued.


Pnima… ins Innere a chamber opera commissioned by the city of Munich for the Munich Biennial, where Czernowin was a featured composer. This was the first collaboration with director Claus Guth and stage designer Christian Schmidt. The opera will have its fourth production in 2013.


Shu Hai Practices Javelin for one voice and many recorded voices a commission of Eclat festival, performed by Ute Wassermann and the Experimental Studio. This piece is the first collaboration of Czernowin's with the Experimental Studio, a meaningful collaboration for the composer, which continues today. The collaborative element here is present also in the work with Ute Wassermann, who discovered the vocal material for the piece together with the composer.


Moved back to California to start as an assistant professor at the University of California, San Diego.


Afatsim (English: Gall nuts) first paid commission for Musikprotokoll im Steirischen Herbst, Graz, for Ensemble Recherche.


Fellow Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. The family moves to Germany.


Gave birth to her son in the same hospital in Haifa where she was born. 


String quartet played by the Arditti quartet in Israel and at the Darmstadt Summer courses.


Die Kreuzung, for U, saxophone, and bass, recorded by Mayumi Miyata, Takashi Saito, and Keizo Misoiri.


Living in Tokyo (Koganei Shi), Japan on an Asahi Shimbum fellowship and a NEA grant.


Dam Sheon Hachol (the hour glass bleeds still) for string sextet, Kranichsteiner Musikpreis at the Darmstadt summer courses.


Ina for bass Flute and six other recorded flutes; Manoalchadia, for flute and two female voices. Most pieces written before these 2 pieces (1979-87) were withdrawn.


Czernowin moves to La Jolla to attend the University of California, San Diego. Here she experiences free improvisation (Mary Oliver, Ute Wassermann, and KIVA) and meets her future husband, composer Steven Kazuo Takasugi.


The piece Birds is played by the Deutsche Junge Philharmonie in Israel in the presence of the Israeli prime minister and the German president.


Berlin DAAD, first exposure to the music of Scelsi.


The group Mirvach (Interval) was founded by composers Yossi Peles and Oded Asaf with others and with  students of Abel Ehrlich: Osnat Arbel, Chaya Czernowin, Zohar Eitan, Hagar Kadima, Rulik Perla, Ruben Seroussi, Yuval Shaked and Amnon Wolman, aiming to introduce new directions in Israeli new music. 


Cubes for orchestra divided into three ensembles and singer is played in the frame work of Young Artist week. Beersheva Sinfonietta and Lisa Levine preformed.


Kazuo Ono, one of the fathers of Butoh dance visits Israel. 


Played in the progressive rock group “Etz” (tree) with Arnon Palty (bass), Michael Meltzer (flute), and Nir Boras (keyboard and singer), as a vocalist, songwriter, and pianist; also in “Pandora’s box” with Eldad Arnon (keyboard), Yaki Kop (percussion); and with bassist Arnon Palty, who became one of the best jazz composers/performers in Israel.